Current Projects

Book: What Do Christians Believe?

This is a book written for a general audience, introducing the major commitments of the Christian faith.  I have attempted to write this book at more or less the same level as C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity.    If you would like to read the manuscript and provide feedback, it can be downloaded here.

I am currently seeking an agent to assist me in finding the right press for this book, which will have audiences in the trade, textbook, and Christian book markets.  If you are an agent and interested in the possibility of representing the book, please contact me at


Book: Exorcizing Laplace’s Demon

This is the project for my 2017-18 sabbatical and my NEH Public Scholar Grant.  It is a book intended for a popular audience looking at the question of whether the sciences threaten humanistic values (like free will and intrinsic worth and dignity) and theistic beliefs such as a God that acts in the world.  (No drafts currently available for download.)